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As my art teacher Magdalena really liked it (we did as well ;)) when I painted the goldfinch from Simon's picture (Link), I painted another bird photograph picture: a chaffinch from the Canary Island La Gomera taking a bath in a small pond in the woods in Garajonay National Park.



After focusing on oil color for years, I discovered a new passion for watercolor/aquarelle paintings. I am still gathering experience with the new technique but could could finish some paintings with animal motives in the last year. See also the Goldfinch on Simons blog (

After moving to Zaragoza and leaving behind my years in Klaus Wieners art school I looked for a new teacher and found a new painting home in Academia Mariposa ( where I started to experiment with new techniques. Here you can find 4 of my paintings of the last three years.

In my third blog entry I want to present you four of my animal paintings. Fitting well to the beginning winter season, the sheep and the fox are enjoying their being in the snow. With the bull and the bear I was more experimental, partially filling out their bodies with a forest and a green colouring.

Welcome to my second art blog entry! I especially like drawing stormy sceneries because they are fascinating and offer a complex mixture of colours and depths. One of my inspirations were the pictures of storms from Camille Seaman (, I am a big fan!

Welcome to my first art blog entry! I have been painting for over 13 years now and want to present you the paintings protagonized by women. I am a bit perfectionist painting with fine lines but my last art teacher made me try to use a more expressive style as you can see in the most recent painting. I enjoy...