The Great Wave of Carbon


Con la siguiente imagen he podido ganar el image contest en categoría ciencias de materiales del congreso MFS2023!

With the image below I won the image contest in Material Sciences at the Microscopy at the Frontiers of Science Conference (!  Description of the image:

The colored TEM image shows the final state of an in-situ experiment, where an increasing electrical current was applied to a reduced graphene oxide film until its rupture at 2.6 mA. The film was transformed into a purely sp2-hybridized carbon network in which the inhomogeneous current flow traced its path and left nanocages behind, which consist of larger horizontally orientated graphene sheets surrounded by vertical sp2 walls. The image reveals the possibilities of electrical in-situ TEM studies and new ways to synthesize carbon structures by high electrical current flow inside the microscope. Coloring was obtained by an aquarelle hand painting. Equipment: Image-corrected Titan3 (80 kV) with DENSsolutions Wildfire holder and custom chip.